Yiu Fung Finance Company Limited is a Licensed Money Lender that was incorporated in Hong Kong on March 28, 1980 under  the  Money  Lenders  Ordinance  (Chapter  163  of  the laws of Hong Kong), with Registration Number: 0080313. 


Our principal service is the provision of Non Recourse Loans, Project Financing, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit,  Differed Letters of Credit and International Project Finance for companies, SME's and private individuals. 


The Bank Instruments are Issued through Top Rated Banks, They are Cash-Backed and Stand as Obligation from our Bank on behalf of our Clients for their Credit needs, Business and Project Funding. All our Bank Instruments can be used to secure Funding for Projects, Business Expansions and Private Placement Programs (PPP). 



The Worlds Foremost Financial Instruments Provider

and Non Recourse Loan Lender




Years of Experience

Results Oriented – We have 99% success rate


1. Unrivaled Credibility & Authenticity –   We are genuine, legally registered Money Lender with over 38 years history in the financial industry. Most of our competitors are new in the industry and they cannot match our 38 years of unrivaled history, experience and credibility. 

2. LOAN TERM: Flexible loan terms up to 20 years.

3. PREPAYMENT: No Early prepayment penalties.

4. RATES: Loan Rates from 3% per annum.

5. LOAN SIZE: From $1 Million to $500+ Million nationally and internationally.

6. We are the worlds number one provider of non recourse loans

7.   Easy: Issuance Of Bank Guarantees, Letter Of Credit, And DLC Within Few Days.

8.   Guarantee: We offer you commercial loans with no additional collateral or guarantee.

9.   All countries welcome except Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and North Korea.

10.   More Than 10,000+ Clients from 75 countries Have Successfully Concluded Transactions With us 

11.   With our expertise and innovation we believe that we enrich our customers and not just make them rich.

12.   Quick disbursement: Once all your documents are in place, your loan can be disbursed within few  business days.

13.   Most of the Work Is Done Online: so you DONT have To waste thousands of dollars  on airfare and visa to come to our Office       

14. Complete End to End Managed Bank Guarantee Program – We provide a comprehensive, integrated, prestructured Bank Guarantee Issuing and Monetization Program. Thousands of people around the world are frantically trying to find a BG/SBLC Issuer and Funder who will work together.

·         None Recourse Loans
·         Business Loans & Project Financing
·         Lease Bank Instruments:  BG, SBLC, DLC 
·         Lease Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) 
·         Financial Real Estate & Brokering
·         Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans 
·         Investment and Wealth Management
·         Opening of Bank Accounts in Hong Kong
·         Monetize Bank Instruments: BG, SBLC, DLC 

Our Interests Are